Deixe o pobre e o trabalhador escolherem! via @YouTube

YouTube: Deixe o pobre e o trabalhador escolherem! (Ideias Radicais)

O advogado trabalhista fala em nome do trabalhador. O juiz do trabalho fala o que é melhor para o trabalhador. O sindicalista fala o que é melhor para o trab...
25.2% portuguese, 20.2% spanish, 18.4% italian
Armon Dadgar wrote the following post:
After spending hours debugging a complex system, I've realized you can have any two of concurrency, performance, and safety.
28.7% english, 18.4% pidgin, 17.9% danish
Pratik Karki wrote the following post:
Happy 1st Birthday @devRantApp!! Thank you for everything.

16.5% english, 15.6% norwegian, 14.8% pidgin
36.9% english, 27.1% portuguese, 25.8% spanish
19.1% english, 14.4% latin, 13.1% spanish
Niv Dror wrote the following post:
camera shutter speed matches helicopter`s rotor 🚁😮

13.6% english, 12.5% portuguese, 11.7% latin
Flow Home: Info instead of icons, a new kind of home screen for Android via @tarikh

19.9% english, 14.4% swedish, 14% pidgin
Join me on hu:toma - the marketplace for deep learning chatbots

Hu:toma A Deep Learning Chatbot Marketplace

Hu:toma helps developers around the world build and monetize deep learning chatbots by providing free access to a proprietary platform offering both the tools and the channels to create and share conversational AIs.
31% english, 21.8% pidgin, 17.2% italian
Bare bones Python implementations of some of the foundational Machine Learning models and algorithms.


ML-From-Scratch - Bare bones Python implementations of some of the foundational Machine Learning models and algorithms.
29.2% english, 19.9% french, 19.8% pidgin
25% english, 17.9% french, 15.7% pidgin
31.7% english, 21.6% pidgin, 19.5% french
You shouldn't believe the hype even more if is a fairy tale. 😅😚😋
31.7% english, 19.3% pidgin, 15.2% dutch
Seth Vargo wrote the following post:
The @HashiCorp + @Microsoft Azure Webinar is starting now!

DevOps Delivered: Deploying Azure Infrastructure with HashiCorp Terraform

Organizations are migrating their applications to the cloud. Creating a cloud-friendly, repeatable blueprint to provision, secure, and run any infrastructure for any application is a challenge. An essential element to this blueprint is finding a common workflow to provision core infrastructure including storage, compute, and networking. HashiCorp created Packer and Terrafor
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29.4% english, 18.8% danish, 18.1% pidgin
Tars: Make Chatbots to replace your webforms via @robjama

14.7% english, 14.5% romanian, 13% french
Build A Life-Size Phone Controlled BB8 Droid (Full-DIY-Tutorial) via @YouTube

YouTube: Build A Life-Size Phone Controlled BB8 Droid (Full-DIY-Tutorial) (TechBuilder)

Build a real working Starwars BB8 droid by only using household materials and Arduino! (No 3D Printers! No CNCs! No Mills!) Full-Tutorial (w/Downloads): http...
24.3% english, 20% pidgin, 16.3% italian
I just tried @HasuraHQ out and build a todo app backend in minutes!

Hasura | Build apps fast | Batteries included PaaS

Hasura is a free platform to help you build app backends. Fast.
21.7% english, 15.7% spanish, 15.4% pidgin
Help me win a free t-shirt from @poindexterapp!

Viral Contest

Plan you business like a professional. Set specific milestones to create an actionable roadmap that guides you down the path to achieving your goals.
19.5% english, 17.3% spanish, 16% italian
🎁 Free Gradients Collection 🎁 #webdesign #css3 #css #ui #palette #freebie #photoshop #graphicdesign via @itmeohq

Free Gradients Collection by

Free collection of 180 background gradients that you can use as content backdrops in any part of your website.
20.3% english, 16.8% german, 16.7% french
Jens Mönig wrote the following post:
Did you know? You can use Snap's FOR block to draw an Euler-spiral based heart for your Valentine's Day projects.

20.1% english, 14.3% pidgin, 14.1% norwegian
Vala Afshar wrote the following post:
Focus is not about doing less. Focus is about doing more of what matters most.
42% english, 25.6% pidgin, 25.5% french
Oriente wrote the following post:
E um dia, você vai perceber que quem é verdadeiro vai estar do seu lado, até mesmo quando você menos merecer.
34% portuguese, 26.5% spanish, 23.1% italian
Keybase Chat: End-to-end encrypted chat built into Keybase via @vemkiran

19.1% english, 14.7% spanish, 14.2% norwegian

YouTube: Greve PM-RJ - Quem é fake news agora? (Ideias Radicais)

Pezão fez reunião com comandantes das unidades militares (depois de dizer que era boato que haveria greve e que as informações eram falsas) http://agenciabra...
33.7% portuguese, 26.5% spanish, 22.9% italian
Nicolas wrote the following post:
Today we moved all of Twitter's mobile web traffic (that's like, a lot) to our new web stack – Node.js, Express, React PWA.
25.3% english, 18.3% pidgin, 14.6% slovak
12.2% portuguese, 10.8% pidgin, 10.6% spanish
Is Manhattan in the house? 👨‍🎤🎹🎶
42.5% english, 26.2% dutch, 23.1% swedish
Answer:How to recover a dropped stash in Git?

How to recover a dropped stash in Git?

I frequently use git stash and git stash pop to save and restore changes in my working tree. Yesterday I had some changes in my working tree that I had stashed and popped, and then I made more chan...
30.3% english, 21.1% danish, 21% pidgin
Jared Spool wrote the following post:
Design is not being creative.

It's solving hard problems.

You may come to a creative solution, but only after you've done the hard work.
34.5% english, 26.9% pidgin, 20.9% french
Imposto é roubo veja Como a sonegação salva o Brasil via @Ideias_Radicais

YouTube: Como a sonegação salva o Brasil (Ideias Radicais)

Estatistas de todo tipo adoram dizer que a sonegação no Brasil é muito alta, supostamente implicando que caso não fosse, não haveria problema algum no país. ...
27.5% portuguese, 23.5% spanish, 20.3% italian
Lembre-se do que não deve esquecer.
55.7% portuguese, 39.6% spanish, 36.7% french wrote the following post:
#PHP 5.6 is now in security fix only mode, which runs until the end of 2018. Plan your upgrades to PHP 7!

PHP: Supported Versions

29.1% english, 22.3% french, 18.6% german
Pensador wrote the following post:
Aquele que castiga quando está irritado, não corrige, vinga-se.... Image/photo
24.7% portuguese, 23.4% spanish, 17.4% latin
22.7% portuguese, 18.2% latin, 17.8% pidgin
Dá pra juntar R$ 1 milhão? via @YouTube

YouTube: Dá pra juntar R$ 1 milhão? (Clarion de Laffalot)

Pela falta de conhecimento generalizada, quando a Globo News fala em juntar R$ 1 milhão, a maioria de nós entende como piada. Mesmo que seja algo bastante fa...
26.5% portuguese, 23% spanish, 21.4% italian
ForAmerica wrote the following post:
And the #GoldenGlobes winner for Best Performance at an Award Show goes to...Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson.

22.6% english, 19.3% danish, 18.8% pidgin
Feminism is bullshit / Feminismo: quando um homem resolve revidar! via @YouTube

YouTube: Feminismo: quando um homem resolve revidar! (Eduardo Augusto) quer ganhar ate 316 reais por dia em apenas 30 minutos?
21.6% portuguese, 17% latin, 15% spanish
16.7% english, 12.4% pidgin, 11.9% portuguese
Limitação da Banda Larga, Sexta-feira 13 e Rosto de Jesus no Banheiro #O... via @YouTube

YouTube: Limitação da Banda Larga, Sexta-feira 13 e Rosto de Jesus no Banheiro #OtarioNews @CanalDoOtario (Canal do Otário)

Pois é… lembram daquela história do marco civil da internet?! Bem vindos ao futuro ;-) #OtarioNews SE INSCREVE AÍ NESSA BAGAÇA TORNE-SE...
22.2% portuguese, 18.1% italian, 17.9% spanish
Top 4 Facebook Messenger Alternatives That Actually Work via @beebomco
23.6% english, 20.2% danish, 17.6% pidgin